Vertical Innovations in Transport And Logistics over 5G experimentation facilities

The pan-European Transport & Logistics (T&L) eco-system is considered one of the main adopters of 5G, and as such, the successful transfer of 5G-empowered services from trials/pilot stages to production depends highly on the availability of flexible and intuitive tools and APIs for design, management and orchestration of their services.

3rd Party Experimentation​

Dicover the 3rd Party Experimentation​ that provides a centralized access point for all the experimentation services offered by the system to the various actors that interact with VITAL-5G.

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3rd Party Experimentation

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An innovative SME that is looking for their next big step in developing vertical or agnostic services?
A start-up that needs a foot ahead of the competition in developing new technologies?
A researcher that requires FREE access to experimentation facilities to enrich their research with experimentation in real-life environments?