Antwerp Seaport Available

Antwerp 5G Testbed

Antwerp 5G-Testbed spans the usual 5G Standalone (SA) ecosystem components:

  • User Equipment, i.e., a commercial vessel equipped with 5G modem, sensors, and cameras
  • Radio Access Network (RAN) with three gNodeBs installed in the selected area of the Port of Antwerp
  • Transport and Core network

5G Edge network that hosts the Network Application (NetApp) platform, designed and deployed to provide Network Function Virtualization (NFVI) resources for hosting and orchestrating NetApps tailored to Assisted Vessel Transport use case, by using Open Source MANO (OSM)-based orchestrator and OpenStack/Kubernetes.

T&L Facilities & 5G-enabled use case

In the Port of Antwerp trial site, we deploy and demonstrate Assisted Vessel Transport use case, which leverages 5G SA connectivity and network slicing principles to assist vessels in the challenging environment of a port area, i.e., addressing: lack of safety in the port, too large waiting times and excessive gas consumption. To tackle these challenges, we enable remote vessel monitoring in a busy port area, increasing situational awareness in real time, and optimizing assisted vessel navigation through defining optimal routes and speed.

In particular, a real-time digital twin is developed around the vessel to support the assisted vessel operation. In parallel, real-time navigation speed optimization, along with automated path planning and remote vessel monitoring, allow to reduce dwell times and improve operational planning of the vessel, thereby leveraging on AI/ML methodologies. The concept of NetApps defined in the scope of Vital-5G project has been used to design and develop these vertical services that support the use case. In particular, high-bandwidth camera feeds and sensor data are sent in real-time from the vessels to the NetApps running at the 5G edge platform, while assistance to the vessel captain is provided in real-time by sharing the navigable waypoints for an optimal route including the optimal speed.