VITAL-5G Hackathon

Why Engage?

This hackathon will enable organisations to experiment with project assets and explore the possibilities of 5G in developing new and/or enhanced services.

You get zero-cost access to technology experts from across Europe, who will support you in developing and optimising your applications and services for use on 5G networks.

  • This allows you to focus on understanding the benefits of 5G and showcasing the performance of your application.

Our facilities are applicable across many industrial sectors, including Transport and Logistics (T&L), Industry 4.0, IoT, automated and remote vehicle control.

The project has developed a innovative Experimentation Platform, providing:

  • Specialised functionality to facilitate users in readily monitoring and controlling their experiments in a flexible manner.

Organisational details

  1. Date and time: June 16, 2023, at physical locations in Belgium, Romania, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus. Online participation will also be possible.
  2. Venue: Venues for each location to be defined.
  3. Registration: Registration for the hackathon is mandatory, with limited number of participants at physical locations. There is no limit for the number online.
  4. Pre-requisites: Register for the event at

Post-hackathon follow-up: showcasing of winning projects, providing feedback to organisers, potential involvement in more extensive 3rd party experimentation, and gathering feedback for future events.