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VITAL-5G opens its unique 5G experimentation infrastructure to innovative SMEs, startups, and researchers to develop and test their vertical services for the T&L sector. Three trial sites are available to third parties, supported by three 5G-PPP testbeds located in Belgium, Romania, and Greece.

Antwerp (BE) trial-site: Automated vessel transport, which will be tested in the port of Antwerp
Galati (RO) trial-site: 5G connectivity and data-enabled assisted navigation using IoT sensing and video cameras, which will be tested in the Galati port
Athens (GR) trial-site: Automation and remote operation of freight logistics, which will be tested in Athens logistics hub

If you are a passionate individual or organization that would like to use the VITAL-5G resources to develop and test your vertical for the T&L sector please fill in the following form for your Expression of Interest. This form will help us better understand your needs and a large data volume will help us derive more accurate results. We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete it.

Application Form

This is the application form for 3rd party experimenters. Our calls help the providers of existing and marketable tools and services to integrate them into the VITAL-5G platform. Selected SMEs will receive support to insert their solution in the VITAL-5G platform to reach potential new customers and collaborators.

3rd party experimentation guidelines

Press the button to download a document that provides a step-by-step procedure for 3rd party experimenters to follow after they have registered and indicated their idea for experimentation.

The VITAL-5G experimentation process

Vertical Service Design. This phase has the objective of designing and implementing a vertical service to be experimentally validated in one of the testbeds offered by VITAL-5G (for more information on each testbed and its available resources visit the links at the start of the page).

Experiment Design. This phase has the objective of defining an experiment for the validation of Network Applications or vertical services in a VITAL-5G testbed. The experiment is defined through an Experiment Blueprint (ExpB), which follows the format of 5G EVE experiment blueprints.

Preparation of 5G testing environment. This phase has the objective of preparing the testing environment for the execution of an experimentation campaign and, depending on the complexity of the scenario, it may require the manual intervention of the testbed administrators, in terms of 5G network settings or T&L facility configuration.

Vertical Service Instantiation. This phase has the objective of provisioning the vertical service in the target testbed, triggering the instantiation of its NetApps in the virtual infrastructure, their activation and configuration. If the Network Applications composing the vertical service are associated to restrictive software licenses (e.g., related to the number of instances that can be executed concurrently), these licenses are properly verified and validated.

Experiment Execution. This phase has the objective of executing the experiment and collecting the monitoring data required to evaluate the performance of the service. During the experiment execution, some test scripts can be automatically configured and executed by the platform. Moreover, the user will have access to the various Network Applications’ components, with the possibility to operate directly on their internal processes. In parallel, the mechanisms offered by the orchestrators in VITAL-5G testbeds, exposed through suitable APIs, will give the possibility to operate on the lifecycle of the vertical service.

Vertical Service Evaluation. This last phase has the objective of helping the experimenters in the evaluation and assessment of the vertical service performance in the 5G network. Elaborating the monitoring data and the network and service KPIs collected during the experiment execution phase, the platform analyses the results generating experiment reports.

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