To drive and foster the development and sharing of novel vertical-specific and vertical-agnostic Network Applications for the T&L sector by supporting open source tools and an open repository for flexible and interoperable deployment through the VITAL-5G platform.


To deliver an open, virtualized 5G-enabled testing and validation experimentation facility, which will provide the means for relevant T&L stakeholders to deploy and benchmark the performance of their innovative Network Applications on top of a 5G network.


To demonstrate the benefit and showcase the added value of 5G connectivity for advanced multi-modal logistics services across European roads, seas and rivers, creating a functional value chain for highly automated freight transportation.


To provide customized and virtualized access to network and T&L infrastructure (port, warehouse, equipment and facilities) resources, enabling dynamic tailor-made service provisioning to 3rd parties (such as SMEs) to validate their applications over resources otherwise unavailable to them, thus boosting confidence prior to actual service deployment.


To enable novel business models development for open, integrated and cooperative services across multiple domains, addressing specific T&L use cases and to justify the investment from key stakeholders.


To foster the development and advancement of a T&L centred ecosystem, which will drive the European integration of 5G services into the T&L vertical, by bringing together key vertical stakeholders (port authorities, road operators, MNOs, etc.) with SMEs developing cutting-edge technology and applications.

Strategic Goals and Motivation

The strategic objective of VITAL-5G is to create an open, virtualized and flexible experimentation facility comprised of an intelligent virtual platform, three distributed European 5G-testbeds and associated vertical infrastructure, to enable the testing and validation of Transport & Logistics (T&L) Network Applications in real-life conditions, utilizing 5G connectivity. In order to allow for the project to be focused on the development, management and sharing of innovative T&L Network Applications, VITAL-5G plans to proactively cooperate and reuse the outputs of ongoing 5G-PPP projects to a significant degree (e.g. ICT-17, ICT-19, ICT-53 projects) for the platform development (i.e. onboarding VNFs, orchestration functionalities, GUIs, dashboards, etc.) and for the 5G-testbeds (ICT-17 & ICT-53 testbeds to be reused and extended for the purposes of VITAL-5G). The smooth onboarding of technology and collaboration across these projects is ensured by the proactive participation, as project partners, of multiple key stakeholders of ICT-17 (e.g. 5G-EVE), ICT-19 (e.g. 5G-SOLUTIONS, 5G-HEART) and ICT-53 (5G-Blueprint) in the VITAL-5G consortium.

VITAL-5G’s vision for Network Applications will allow for the development of a strong sectoral T&L ecosystem of vertical stakeholders (internal and external), which will be facilitated via the collaborative open tools and open repository delivered by the project. In such an open format collaboration, multiple Network Applications will be developed, reused, enhanced and validated owed to the complementary facilities offered by VITAL-5G infrastructure, while the 3rd party experimentation concepts will allow for external SMEs to reuse the VITAL-5G Network Applications (developed within the project) to try out new approaches and solutions with a view to driving new SME revenues. In support of this goal, VITAL-5G partitions its strategic goals into six detailed and measurable objectives, as follows.