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Participation of the VITAL-5G project to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Congress 2023

The VITAL-5G project will participate to the upcoming ITS Congress 2023 that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal between the 22nd and 24th of May 2023. This is an important event for our project as it signifies how far our collaboration with other projects has reached as we will be presenting our results and our experimentation facilities and process for 3ed party experimenters in two special sessions:

  1. A session organised with 5G-LOGINNOV, ETP-ALICE, 5G-Blueprint, FENIX & FENIX 2.0, FEDERATED and KEYSTONE – “Data sharing and 5G-enabled technologies in logistics: new opportunities and business challenges”
  2. A session organised with 5G-IANA, 5GASP and 5G-META – “New ITS services and applications enabled by 5G”

We look forward to seeing all the participants and find new avenues of collaboration and chances for onboarding 3rd parties on our platform.