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VITAL-5G featured at 5th Newsletter of Planet EU-Funded Project, 2022

In the project PLANET – Progress towards Federated Logistics Through The Integration Of TEN-T into A Global Trade Network – ESC is leading a task on Stakeholder Engagement, Advisory Board, and Support Partners. As part of its dissemination activities, the PLANET project initiated contacts with other EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects with similar objectives, to identify areas of collaboration and accelerate the impact of the projects’ results.

During January and February of 2022, a first meeting took place with representatives of the following projects:

  • The FENIX project (of which the ESC is an important partner) – a secure data sharing framework for logistics in the form of a federation;
  • The VITAL-5G project – secure facility comprised of an intelligent virtual platform and distributed 5Gtestbeds, to enable the testing and validation of T&L NetApps;
  • The PILL project – system based on digital documents and existing platforms, that organizes seamless transport by proposing the most optimal route in overlapping transport networks;
  • The ePIcenter project – interoperable cloud-based ecosystem of user-friendly extensible AI-based logistics software solutions.

During these meetings, a brief presentation of the projects, their vision and objectives was given with the purpose of enabling participants to identify the potential added value of sharing relevant outputs and reports.

Furthermore, it was agreed that future collaboration should take the form of co-organised events and enhanced sharing of knowledge to make best use of the results for mutual benefits. For PLANET, this will mean sharing public PLANET deliverables with the above mentioned projects and most significant outcomes for each of these projects.

For more information, please see PLANET project newsletter 5.