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VITAL-5G participated in EuCNC 2023 and showcased the VITAL-5G platform during Tutorial 4

VITAL-5G was at EuCNC 2023 and presented the VITAL-5G platform and third-party experimentation activities in Tutorial 4: Unraveling the potential of softwarized/programmable networks – From theory to practice, held on June 6, 2023.
Below is the description of the tutorial.

Motivation and Context

Along with the evolution of applications and services, networks have evolved in order to support such new applications and services. Nowadays, networks are not any more traditionally designed, built, and managed. Current networks, such as 5G and Beyond networks, rely on softwarized solutions to dynamically orchestrate and manage the different resources involved in the network from networking to computing components. Such softwarized solutions results from the combination of different technologies (SDR, SDN, NFV) and techniques (sharing, scheduling, virtualization) applied at different levels/segments of the end-to-end networks, i.e., RAN, MEC, Core, Cloud. While having to deal with such a plethora of solutions, traditional human-managed networks are not able to cope with the dynamics of such new networks, therefore automation comes into play. In order to automatize network management, we need to improve the network management lifecycle steps i.e., orchestration, control, and monitoring. Within this tutorial, we will discuss the evolution of network programmability and how such programmable capabilities enable flexible networks able to provide tailored connectivity/services to the different verticals. We will start with the basic background on programmability and network softwarization moving towards the state-of-the-art and beyond technologies and techniques that provide networks flexible capabilities to new-generation networks and innovative use cases. Furthermore, we will complement the theory with practice and demos on how to set up the different software-based toolkits in order to orchestrate (decision-making), control (configure/re-configure the network), and monitor (verify the service) a programmable network remotely deployed in the high-performance distributed cloud, MEC, SmartCity, and Smart Highway testbeds located in different locations of Belgium, and the 5G testbed built in the scope of the VITAL-5G project and the Antwerp trial site for transport & logistics use cases.