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VITAL-5G participated in INFOCOM 2024, 20th May 2024

On Monday May 20th 2024, Vincent Charpentier has presented the paper titled “Next-Gen Connectivity: Dynamic QoS Optimization for 5G Standalone and Vertical Integration” at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM) conference, CNERT workshop, in Vancouver, Canada. Alongside the presentation, Vincent Charpentier performed a live demonstration at the INFOCOM demo session. 

This paper presents two Edge Network-aware Applications (EdgeApps): Situational Awareness with Event-driven Network Programming EdgeApp and Quality Awareness with Event-driven Network Programming EdgeApp, paving the way for the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) paradigm. By interacting with both User Equipments (UEs) and the 5G SA network, these EdgeApps become aware of network quality (quality-awareness) and context around UEs (situational-awareness). This is further enabled by the GSMA Open Gateway and CAMARA, where network and IT functionality are exposed to application developers through standardized APIs.

For the validation of the EdgeApps, we tested them on the Antwerp VITAL-5G testbed as shown in Figures. The VITAL-5G platform facilitates the seamless onboarding of vertical services into the 5G SA ecosystem, while the Antwerp VITAL-5G testbed providing the infrastructure for testing and validating these services in real-life 5G SA networks. Upgrades have been made to the 5G RAN and Core layer of the Antwerp VITAL-5G testbed such that the testbed supports Nokia’s NaC functionalities.