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VITAL-5G participated in Innovation Labs 2024 in Bucharest on 9th of March, 2024

On the 9th of March 2024, VITAL-5G participated in Innovation Labs 2024, in Bucharest. 

Innovation Labs 2024 aim to empower tech founders to build innovative digital solutions and the next global companies, through a structured program that enable young visionary start-ups to turn their tech vision into a product through fine-tuned mentorship, access to bleeding-edge technologies and interaction with top companies, mentors and angel investors. 

Innovation Labs 2024 is a pioneering event designed to bridge the gap between ambitious tech innovators and the dynamic needs of the industry. It serves as a catalyst for fostering groundbreaking ideas, offering participants a vibrant ecosystem to connect, collaborate, and transform their visions into tangible solutions. Through mentorship, workshops, and competitions, the event not only showcases cutting-edge technologies but also equips emerging talents with the tools and knowledge to thrive in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

Under that aspect, VITAL-5G Partner, BEIA Consulting International, has contributed to the event and offered a dedicated sessions on VITAL-5G project research and outputs. BEIA’s participation consisted of preparing a short 1-minute pitch about VITAL-5G in front of a diverse panel of judges, mostly from the tech-business area.  Then, there was a separate session to present the VITAL-5G idea, using a marker and a white paper. Thus, visitors, other participants, mentors and members of the jury went through the VITAL-5G poster, asking different questions. Also, the benefits and the contribution to society of VITAL-5G project were highlighted to the participants.