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VITAL-5G participated in the ICT-41 Plugfest

VITAL-5G participated in the ICT-41 Plugfest collocated with the “IEEE 9th World Forum on Internet of Things (WFIoT’23)” in Aveiro, Portugal. The aim of the workshop was to assess the portability of the Network Applications and experiments among the different ICT-41 experimentation platforms, and included a one day of hands-on integration and demonstrations workshop, and a closing open panel discussion summarizing the challenges and lessons learned. With this aim, VITAL-5G participated in four demonstrations showcasing the Network Application portability across platforms. These four demonstrations included three demonstrations leveraging the VITAL-5G Platform and testbeds for the execution and experimentation of different Network Applications: (i) “Deep Learning object detection Network Application (5G-IANA) deployment in T&L facilities (VITAL-5G)”; (ii) “Quality Monitor Network Application (5G-INDUCE) deployment in port facilities (VITAL-5G)”; (iii)” A.I. Vision – Computer Vision Network Application Demo”, and one demonstration showcasing the execution of VITAL-5G “VA4 IoT management platform” (NEXTWORKS) using the 5G-IANA platform: “Data collection Network Application integration with onboard unit”.