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Webinar "Outcomes and lessons from the VITAL-5G initiative" organized by VITAL-5G and the European Shippers' Council

VITAL-5G organized a Webinar with the European Shippers’ Council titled Outcomes and lessons from the VITAL-5G initiativeon the 31st of May, 2024.

The webinar served as a platform to highlight the VITAL-5G project’s mission of driving innovation and enhancing efficiency in vertical industries through the deployment of 5G technology. Participants had the opportunity to explore innovative use cases, discuss real-world implementations, and understand the significant benefits that 5G-enabled solutions bring to the transport and logistics sectors. At the webinar VITAL-5G has also presented the results and the “lessons learnt” from the Third Party Experimentation. Participants from the Industry showed interest on the VITAL-5G project and its platform.

Press Statement by ESC: VITAL-5G project and ESC demonstrated the use of 5G technology in logistics and transport – ESC (

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