3rd Party Experimentation​

Why Join

The VITAL-5G project is offering the opportunity to test your application’s performance on next generation 5G communication networks.
This is a completely free service, thanks to research funding received through the European Commission.

The 3rd party experimentation enables organisations to experiment with project assets and explore the capabilities of 5G in a simplified manner, using the VITAL-5G platform, and to develop new and/or to enhance the existing vertical services.
You get zero-cost access to technology experts from across Europe, who will support you in developing and optimising your applications and services for use on 5G networks.

  • This allows you to focus on understanding the benefits of 5G and showcasing the performance of your application.

Our facilities are applicable across many industrial sectors, including Transport and Logistics (T&L), Industry 4.0, IoT, automated and remote vehicle control.

              o simplified deployment of vertical service in the 5G network
              o enhanced network performance of deployed vertical services by utilizing network slicing
              o real-time monitoring of network and service performance
              o advanced failure diagnostics for all deployed services

  • There is a choice of three 5G testbeds linked to trial facilities in Belgium, Romania, and Greece.